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About Melissa Fritzsche

The Heart Behind The Camera

Let's answer the burning quesiton you are wondering- "How do I pronounce your last name?!". Haha, I get this question all the time. So many letters! It is much easier to say than to spell- it sounds like "Richey" with an "F" in front, "F-Richey". Now you'll never forget it! :)

Now that we have that out of the way, I want to share a bit of why I pivoted from Registered Nurse to Wedding Photographer.

For me, motherhood is where I learned the value of photography. Growing up we never did family pictures, and I was never the girl with a camera. It wasn't "my thing". But the moment I held my first child, I knew I never wanted to forget a moment. My son's soft cheek pressed against mine,  his tiny hand wrapped gently around my finger, every milk drunk smile was perfection, and I never wanted to forget. As much as I have wanted to, I cannot pause time. The sweet babies I once held in my arms now run around my feet and I realize now what a gift photography is. When the moment is gone, it is what remains.

These moments- Your engagement, your wedding day, the birth of your children are the milestones that tell the story of your life, and you deserve to have it expertly captured. I promise that when you choose me as your photographer, I choose you right back! I am there to capture all the big and small in-between moments. I am the calm in the chaos and I am there to care for you and those you love. I want your experience to be just as meaningful as your photos.

Warm, playful, lover of light,  travel, and the desire to capture connection with my camera. 

A Personal Approach

When you choose me as your wedding photographer, I choose you right back. This means that I give you my cell phone and welcome your questions, concerns, and will readily get back to you. I do my homework to ensure I serve you best throughout the wedding planning process.

I will talk with your planner and other wedding vendors, I have a wedding questionnaire that helps me prepare for your big day, I will do a venue walk-through and more. All to create a plan that will bring your specific wedding vision to life. If this is what you want, click HERE.


A FocuS on Connection

Your wedding day is more than perfectly scripted poses. It is about connection, family, and love. You will always see my camera up, me looking for the in-between moments that tell the story of your day. Perfectly imperfect moments that are full of deep, hearfelt meaning. Moments that tell your story and  focus on those you love that are a part of it. 

"Her photos are a Work of Art!"  

"Her photos are a WORK OF ART and she is truly one of the kindest and most supportive people you will ever meet – it felt more like we had a friend there with us on our big day cheering us on." 

Sarah & MAtt

A Leader

On your wedding day, amidst the whirlwind of emotions and excitement, you will need a leader to guide you through the day.

As your wedding photographer, I step into this role with confidence and clarity. I possess the ability to command the situation while maintaining a calm, warm, and reassuring presence. 

Whether it's orchestrating group shots with efficiency or gently directing you for intimate portraits, I understand the delicate balance between being assertive and being accomodating.

Beyond just capturing moments, my goal is to alleviate any stress or worry, leaving you free to savor every moment of your wedding day.


Eye For Design

From a young age, I have been told that I have a natural eye for design. I've always been the go-to among friends when it comes to decorating spaces and pairing colors. 

When it comes to your wedding day, this innate sense of design becomes my guiding light. Every moment, every glance, every detail is meticulously analyzed and assessed through the lens of aesthetic perfection. It's not just about capturing images; it's about crafting timeless compositions that resonate with beauty and emotion, ensuring your special day is expertly captured.

"She was kind, patient, and made everyone feel relaxed and comfortable."

As a professional wedding planner, I am very picky when it comes to photos and photography. Melissa did an amazing job and exceeded our expectations. She was kind, patient, and made everyone feel relaxed and comfortable. 


Melissa Fritzsche Couples

Melissa Fritzsche couples are seekers of joy, lovers of adventure, with hearts rooted in connection. 

You deserve to feel valued, comfortable, and cared for on your wedding day. I want to work alongside you to create the wedding of your dreams! One where you are able to be fully present, enjoying each meaningful moment as it unfolds. I am here to bring you peace of mind, knowing that your precious memories are in the caring, capable hands of a friend. 

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Attention To Detail

Drawing from my background as a Registered Nurse, I've honed a keen eye for detail. I will notice subtleties that might escape others' notice.

You deserve photos that reflect all the months, if not years of planning that you have put into creating your dream wedding.

This is why I will take the time to remove unwanted items that would show up in the background of your photos or touch-up mascara that has stated to run. I will often edit out light switches if it is distracting in your photos.

This extra level of care sets me apart, and creates photos that have that dreamy, magical touch.

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