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Tucson Arizona Temple Wedding Photos / / Hailey and Matt



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Tucson Arizona Temple Wedding Photos / / Hailey and Matt

Tucson Arizona Temple Wedding photographed by Melissa Fritzsche Photography.

Hailey and Matt wanted to share a first look at the beautiful Tucson Arizona LDS Temple. They knew that their wedding day would be busy, and wanted the opportunity to share a quiet moment together surrounded by the calm, peaceful spirit of the Tucson temple. A first look is a wedding tradition gaining in popularity, and one that I love! If you haven’t heard of what a first look is on your wedding day, head over to this blog post where I explain more about what a first look is and how to incorporate one into your wedding day.

The First Look

Matt arrived early to the Temple grounds and was a combination of nervous and excited. I positioned him where he wouldn’t accidentally catch an early glimpse of his bride-to-be. Once Matt was ready, I headed back to where Hailey was anxiously waiting in the car with her Mom. After I greeted Hailey with a warm hug and helped her out of the car, she began walking towards her groom. Both Hailey and Matt were grinning as time seemed to slow moments before Hailey called out to Matt and he saw his bride, radiantly standing in front of him. It was such a pure and perfect moment.

Groom waits as bride walks behind him for their first look at the LDS temple in Tucson, Arizona.

Tucson Arizona Temple First Look. Bride and Groom kiss during first look.

Wedding Photos at the Tucson Temple

Couples of the Latter-Day-Saint faith choose to get married in temples. Temples are sacred and special places where couples begin their marriage by making promises to each other and God. As a wedding photographer, I am not permitted into the Temple to photograph a couple’s ceremony, but as soon as couples exit from the Temple I am sure to capture wedding photos at the Temple grounds that they will cherish. The Tucson Temple is beautifully landscaped and the blue dome underneath Moroni is stunning. After their first look, Hailey and Matt were full of joy as I photographed them in various locations around the Temple.

Bride and Groom look at each other during wedding photos at the Temple in Tucson, Arizona.

Bride standing in front of towering saguaro cacti in Tucson desert on her wedding day. Bride holding a rose and eucalyptus wedding bouquet.

Bride and Groom Pictues on wedding day at Tucson Temple in Arizona.

Joyful Wedding Photos of bride and groom in Tucson, Arizona.

Groom holds bride’s eucalyptus and rose bridal bouquet with the Tucson desert as a backdrop behind him.

Bride and Groom Pictures in Tucson, Arizona.

Joyful wedding photography by Melissa Fritzsche Photography in Tucson, Arizona. Bride and Groom in front to the fountains at the Tucson Temple.

The Reception

A few days after their first look and wedding photos, Hailey and Matt held an intimate ring ceremony and reception at Hailey’s parents’ home. Family and friends watch as Hailey and Matt exchanged wedding rings and joined the newlyweds for a fun gathering full of laughter and my favorite donuts!

Thank you so much Hailey and Matt for letting me be your girl! I love getting to be a wedding photographer and capture the beginning of your journey together!

Bride and Bridesmaids wearing pink dresses on summer wedding day in Tucson, Arizona.

Groom and Groomsmen on wedding day in Red Rock, Arizona.

Bride and Bridesmaids holding pink rose bouquets. Tucson Wedding photographed by Melissa Fritzsche Photography.

COVID wedding ceremony at Bride’s home in Tucson, Arizona.

Bride and Groom sitting down in front of the Tucson Temple on their wedding day.

Tucson Wedding Photographer

If you still need a wedding photographer to capture your Tucson Temple Wedding, I am here for you! Please reach out by clicking the button below! I can’t wait to meet you!

  1. Kaci says:

    These Tucson Wedding photos are gorgeous! That is so cool they did a first look before going in. Beautiful photography as usual! You’re so blessed to be a wedding photographer in the Arizona desert!

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