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What an incredible Gallery at Dove Mountain wedding! As a wedding photographer, I am able to visit so many gorgeous wedding venues here in Tucson. Nicole and Scott chose one of my favorite venues, The Gallery at Dove Mountain to host their wedding day. Nicole and Scott are the kind of people who instantly make you smile. They are so warm and genuine, that within minutes you feel like family. I have truly come to love this couple! Their easy-going and upbeat personalities made spending time with them such a joy! So it came as no surprise, that when the weather called for rain on their wedding day, these two didn’t allow any amount of rain to dampen the joy and excitement of their big day!


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Nicole and Scott were married at the Tucson LDS temple and I was able to catch up with a few guests as they made their way inside the temple. After the ceremony, friends and family anxiously gathered outside the temple doors waiting for Nicole and Scott to exit for the first time as husband and wife. As the bride and groom opened up their umbrella and stepped out the temple doors, everyone greeted them with shout of excitement, warm hugs, and big smiles! Everyone was in awe of Nicole’s veil. She made this delicate veil herself and had kept it a secret to surprise Scott and the rest of their guests on her wedding day. The chiffon flowers cascading down the length of the veil was absolutely stunning! As rain drops started dropping, we quickly tried to catch a few photos of all the friends and family who support these two! However, light rain, quickly picked up and we realized that we would need to move to a different location to finish taking photos.

We then made our way over to the Westward Look where we were able to take some beautiful family and bridal portraits. Everyone was smiling the entire time, so proud and happy that these two sweethearts had found each other! One of my favorite parts of the day was when I would see the adoring glances that Nicole’s children would give their Mom. You could just feel the love that they have for their Mom and how happy they are that she has found Scott! As I finished up family portraits and focused just on this darling couple, I couldn’t stop smiling myself! These two are SO in love!

After bridal portraits we made our way over to The Gallery at Dove Mountain where the ring ceremony and reception were held. Walking into the venue I was amazed by all the beautiful decorations and thoughtful details. During the ring ceremony, Nicole’s son escorted her down the aisle. You could see all over his face how proud he felt! It was such an intimate and touching ceremony. I would like to share a part of the ceremony I felt was incredibly moving. When it came time for Scott to place the ring on Nicole’s finger, he paused and addressed Nicole’s three children. He honestly shared that marriage is hard and that he can’t promise how things will go, but he did promise that he would always love them. As tears filled the eyes of the children, and most of the guests, I was so touched by his heartfelt declaration of his love for not only his bride, but for their family! You could feel how stong they all love and care for each other!The rest of the night was filled with joy and laughter as everyone danced and visited with each other.

Nicole and Scott, thank you for trusting me with your special day! I am truly grateful to have been invited to capture the love that you share not only with each other, but with your family and friends! I wish you a lifetime of happiness and love!


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