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Wedding Tips For A Joyful and Stress-Free Day (Part 1)



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Tips for planning a stress-free wedding. What to do once you are engaged. Arizona Wedding Photographer Melissa Fritzsche Photography captures ring details on prickly pear cactus during engagement session.
  1. Write Your Story

This has a two fold purpose. First and foremost, writing your story is a sweet reminder of how you two got to where you are standing today. While the emotions are fresh on your mind and in your heart, take some time to put pen to paper and record your love story. Remember all the firsts– first time you met, went on your first date, held each other’s hand, said I love you… Having these moments recorded somewhere special and accessible will keep you grounded during this season of your lives. It will be something you can refer back to when you need a quick reminder of why you are taking this step together.

The second important purpose is that you will be asked by excited wedding vendors to hear your story. They want to get to know you both so that they can create work that reflects who you two are as a couple. And the best way to do this is by hearing your story and who you two are as a couple.

How to plan your dream desert wedding. Desert engagement session with Tucson Mountains as a backdrop.

2. Decide What Are The Most Important Elements Of Your Wedding

You may each envision your wedding day very similarly or very differently. That is why I encourage couples to take a few moments to agree upon the most important elements of their wedding. One way to decide on these is for you each to write your top 3 things down separately.

Then, go out to ice cream or your favorite spot for dinner, and share them with each other. This will give you both a chance to see which priorities are most important to you individually as well as a couple. From there, you can hone in on which four or five elements matter most to you both. This is where I believe weddings become less of a Pinterest board and more of a reflection of your personalities. This is how you make your wedding feel like you two. This is also a critical step when you are creating your budget. Once you know what the most important aspects of your wedding are, you can allocate your budget in a way that weighs heaiver on those items.

Arizona Engagement Session in Tucson, Arizona. Planning your wedding once you are engaged. Steps for planning your wedding from a seasoned wedding photographer.

3. Consider Who Will Be There Alongside You

Consider the people who have traveled alongside you thus far. Who has been there to support, lift, and laught with you both individually and as a couple? Remember that this is your day and the people you choose to be at your side in the ceremony will be your support team through the planning process and beyond as you walk into married life and all that follows thereafter. Take your time to be thoughtful when making this decision. I feel as if it is worth noting that it is okay if there are unequal numbers on each side. There are no right or wrong ways to do your wedding, especially when it comes to choosing your wedding party.

Detail pictures of engagement ring at engagement session.

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